Preserved low-sugar full cherry tomato and processing method thereof

Fecha de publicación: 13/06/2017
Fuente: Wipo tomato
The invention discloses a preserved low-sugar full cherry tomato and a processing method thereof, and belongs to the technical field of food processing. The processing method of the preserved cherry tomato comprises the steps of (1) raw material treatment; (2) color protection; (3) hardening; (4) strike-through treatment: adding edible colloid to the cherry tomato surface which is punctured and is subjected to color protection and hardening for microwave strike-through and taking out the edible colloid and draining; (5) sugar infiltration treatment: immersing the cherry tomato subjected to strike-through into a sugar liquor and carrying out microwave sugar infiltration; and (6) drying and shaping. According to the processing method, massive infiltration of sugar of the preserved cherry tomato in the sugar infiltration procedure can be hindered through adding the edible colloid as a substitute filler through a microwave manner, and the defects of low fullness and poor transparency of the low-sugar preserved cherry tomato caused by low sugar content are avoided, thereby achieving production of the low-sugar preserved cherry tomato. The preserved cherry tomato is bright and transparent in color and luster, full in shape, low in sugar content and good in taste, and the original nutrient and flavor of the cherry tomato are also kept.