Preparation method of chocolate with cooked freeze-dried black tomato filling

Fecha de publicación: 09/11/2011
Fuente: Wipo tomato
The invention discloses a preparation method of chocolate with cooked freeze-dried black tomato fillings. The main raw materials comprise freeze-dried cubes or rounds of cooked black tomato, sweetener and chocolate. The preparation method comprises the steps of curing of black tomato, dicing, freeze-drying, melting chocolate, adjusting sweetness, coating the chocolate with freeze-dried black tomato, cooling and packaging, with the advantages of simple and easy operation and popularization. The method disclosed in the invention can not only effectively protect anthocyanidin component in black tomato, but also fully preserve inorganic mineral matter, protein and other beneficial components except water in black tomato. Anthocyanidin has strong antioxidation, and can remove free radical from human body, fight cancer, and improve human immunity. Simultaneously chocolate contains rich potassium, phosphor, vitamin, antioxidant compound and phenylethylamine, can make people feel euphoria. The combination of black tomato and chocolate can resist oxidation and resist depression, and make black tomato very fragrant, sweet and delicious. The chocolate with cooked freeze-dried black tomato filling is convenient for carrying, easy to store and has long shelf-life.