Mixing barrel for tomato juice production

Fecha de publicación: 14/06/2019
Fuente: Wipo tomato
The utility model discloses a batching barrel for tomato juice production, and relates to the technical field of tomato juice production equipment. The feeding hole is formed in the top of the left side of the barrel body; the stirring rod is arranged in the barrel body; the upper part of the stirring rod penetrates through the top of the barrel body; a propeller is arranged on the outer side of the stirring rod in the barrel body; a driven gear is arranged at the top of the stirring rod; the motor is fixedly connected to the top right side of the barrel; a driving gear is arranged on a rotating shaft of the motor; the stirring rod is in transmission connection with the driving gear through the driven gear; the heating pipe is arranged inside the outer wall of the barrel body in a surrounding manner; the discharge hole is formed in the middle of the bottom of the barrel body; the tomato juice blending device has the advantages that the tomato juice blending device is simple in structure, the tomato juice blending uniformity can be guaranteed, the heating pipe is additionally arranged in the inner wall of the blending barrel, and accordingly the tomato juice blending device is excellent in taste and flavor when tomato juice is blended.