Method of improving antioxidase activity of tomato seedlings

Fecha de publicación: 19/04/2019
Fuente: Wipo tomato
The invention provides a method of improving antioxidase activity of tomato seedlings. The method comprises: applying tomato mycorrhizal bacteria and anthocyanidin extract to tomato seedling cultivation soil, which have concentrations of 10-35 g kg and 5-10 g kg respectively, wherein anthocyanidin is extracted via citric acid and ethanol mixed solution, and an extracting agent also includes ethyl salicylate and ergosterol, and extracting is assisted by ultraviolet irradiation, and wherein the tomato seedling cultivation soil contains cadmium; adding 15-25 mg kg of CdCl2 solution into weathered soil, mixing well, balancing for 2-3 weeks, and transplanting tomato seedlings. The method herein helps improve activity of antioxidase in tomato; a method to prevent tomato growth from being contaminated by heavy metals is also provided, so that eating safety of tomato is improved; anti-mutation activity of tomato is improved, and tomato varieties are protected.