Method of field management of tomato greenhouse

Fecha de publicación: 27/11/2013
Fuente: Wipo tomato
The invention discloses a method of field management of a tomato greenhouse. The method includes the steps that first, soil preparation is performed through deep tillage; namely, the 30-40cm deep tillage is performed with a shovel half a month before planting; second, watering is performed, and when tomato plants are planted, the cultivation temperature is high in autumn and winter; third, water is controlled and fruit is retained because in tomato greenhouse cultivation, the tomato plants easily grow excessively and then suffer abnormal phenomena such as blossom dropping, fruit dropping and slow fruit growth; fourth, the greenhouse is kept warm and light is added; when the tomato plants are planted in autumn and winter or in winter, the temperature is lowest and the light is weakest all through the year, and thus the temperature and light management is critical to the success of the cultivation; when the temperature and light requirements are met reasonably, the cultivation effect can be good; fifth, the temperature is adjusted; generally, stove fire is closed or made to burn slowly on sunny days except special cold weather, and it wound be better if the temperature is not too high in the first half of the night; sixth, the light is adjusted; light is weak in winter, measures are taken to prolong the light application time for the tomato plants; seventh, fertilization is performed to fully promote normal and robust growth of the plants and make the plants yield more fruit. The method of field management of the tomato greenhouse can make the plants grow uniformly, increase the output and make the plants difficult to catch diseases. The method not only can promote the grade of goods but also is favorable for preventing diseases and making tomatoes continuously come into the market, and can avoid wasting labor and time, avoid premature senility of the tomato plants and accordingly improve economical benefits.