Fecha de publicación: 05/03/2015
Fuente: Wipo tomato
The present invention relates to a method for manufacturing a tomato vinegar drink with an anti-obesity effect. The method for manufacturing the tomato vinegar drink comprises: a sugar adding step (a first step) for adding sugar to crushed tomato until the sugar content reaches 13brix; an alcohol fermentation step (a second step) for inoculating yeast into the sugared tomato prepared at the first step and fermenting at 25~35C for 4-8 days; a first sterilization and filtration step (a third step) for sterilizing and filtrating the alcohol fermented liquor gone through alcohol fermentation at the second step; an acetic acid fermentation step (a fourth step) for inoculating vinegar starter into the tomato filtrate primarily sterilized and filtrated at the third step and stirring at a speed of 200~300 rpm at 25~35C, and then fermenting for 10-15 days; a second sterilization and filtration step (a fifth step) for sterilizing the acetic acid fermented liquor gone through acetic acid fermentation at the fourth step at 65~80C for 5-20 minutes and then filtering the liquor; a diluting agent adding step (a sixth step) for mixing the fermented tomato liquor with a diluting agent; and a sterilization and packaging step (a seventh step) for sterilizing the mixture prepared by adding the dilution agent at the sixth step by filtration and then packaging. The tomato vinegar drink with an anti-obesity effect manufactured by the method is prepared by proceeding two fermentation steps and mixing with the diluting agent, thereby being able to be mass produced, stored over 2 years, rich in many kinds of active ingredients in tomato, and very effective against obesity, and so can be used as a functional food ingredient. COPYRIGHT KIPO 2015