Method and device for extracting tomato seed oil from tomato seeds

Fecha de publicación: 25/08/2010
Fuente: Wipo tomato
The invention relates to a method for extracting grease from oil material, in particular to a method for extracting tomato seed oil from tomato seeds. The method for extracting tomato seed oil from tomato seeds is characterized by comprising the following steps of: (1) firstly, drying the tomato seeds until the water content is smaller than 13%, and crushing to 40-80 meshes by using a crusher; (2) delivering the dried and crushed tomato seeds into an extracting kettle, pumping the vacuum to the pressure below to 1*10Pa, and evacuating air in the extracting kettle; (3) then, pumping a tetrafluoroethane solution into the extracting kettle by using a plunger pump until the tomato seeds are emerged under the liquid level under the observation of a sight glass; (4) stirring, and extracting, wherein the extraction pressure is 1.0-1.2Mpa, the temperature range is 40-45DEG C, and the extraction time is 40-50min each time; (5) depressurizing and raising temperature to evaporate and separate in a separating kettle, wherein the separation pressure range is 0.5-0.1MPa, and the temperature range is 45-50DEG C; and (6) after subcritical extraction, centrifugally separating and filtering the crude oil through a high-speed centrifuge to obtain the final tomato seed oil.