Fecha de publicación: 27/07/2018
Fuente: Wipo tomato
The present invention relates to a method for manufacturing a tomato pancake and a tomato pancake manufactured by the same wherein consumer prime;s preference is significantly increased by reducing the sour taste unique to tomatoes, and at the same time, an effect of tomatoes and an absorption rate of active ingredients of tomatoes into a human body can be increased. The method for manufacturing a tomato pancake comprises: a raw material preparing step of washing selected tomatoes and miracle fruit to remove impurities from the same; a tomato slicing step of manufacturing sliced tomatoes by removing seeds from the prepared tomatoes and then slicing the tomatoes; a tomato puree manufacturing step of manufacturing tomato puree by crushing and boiling the sliced tomatoes at 60-70 deg;C for 3-4 hours; a tomato crushing step of manufacturing tomato juice in a liquid phase by crushing and then filtering the sliced tomatoes; a miracle fruit slicing step of freeze-drying the prepared miracle fruit, separating seeds and flesh, and slicing the flesh; a mixing step of producing a mixture by mixing the sliced miracle fruit to reduce the sour taste of the tomatoes after mixing the sliced tomatoes, the tomato juice, and the tomato puree; a batter making step of making a batter by putting a pancake premix and eggs in the produced mixture and kneading the same; and a cooking step of griddling the batter in the shape of a pancake on a pan on which cooking oil has been applied. COPYRIGHT KIPO 2018