Instant tomato paste rich in lycopene and production method of instant tomato paste

Fecha de publicación: 08/10/2019
Fuente: Wipo tomato
The invention discloses instant tomato paste rich in lycopene and a production method of the instant tomato paste. The instant tomato paste mainly comprises, by weight, 35-55 parts of water, 25-40 parts of concentrated tomato paste, 2-12 parts of edible sugar, 4.5-18.5 parts of meat, egg, fish and mushrooms, 2-10 parts of white vinegar, 1.5-3 parts of salt, 1-10 parts of onion oil, 0.02-0.2 part of emulsifier and 0.0012-0.005 part of antioxidant. The production method includes: pre-producing the onion oil; weighing the raw materials, and pre-dissolving; premixing and preheating the pre-dissolved raw materials, heating and cooking in a staged manner, and performing heat preservation and sterilizing for 20-35 minutes to obtain the instant tomato paste rich in lycopene, wherein the temperature of the materials is 105 DEG C during the heat preservation and sterilizing. The produced instant tomato paste rich in lycopene is convenient to eat, high in nutritional value and good in taste and flavor.