Greenhouse fresh tomato nitrogen nutrient diagnosis and recommended nitrogen application method

Fecha de publicación: 17/08/2018
Fuente: Wipo tomato
The invention discloses a greenhouse fresh tomato nitrogen nutrient diagnosing and recommended nitrogen applying method, which comprises following steps: (1) using the nitrogen content of the sixth leaf of a tomato plant to represent the nitrogen content of the aboveground part of the tomato plant, establishing a critical nitrogen concentration diluting model under a greenhouse tomato drop irrigation condition, and based on the model, determining the critical nitrogen concentration of the tomato plant in a certain growth period; (2) when the measured value of nitrogen concentration is greateror equal to the critical nitrogen concentration value of the period, meaning that the nutrients for the tomato plant are enough or excess, reducing or maintaining the amount of applied nitrogen; and on the contrary, increasing the amount of applied nitrogen; (3) according to a formula, calculating the optimal fertilizing amount for the tomato plant before the growth period; and (4) recommending anitrogen amount for the next period so as to change the amount. Compared with the prior art, the provided method is simple and rapid, the cost is low, the measurement results are accurate, and the using amount of nitrogen fertilizer is obviously reduced in tomato production. The method is worthy to recommend.