Fresh-keeping box of tomato samples for pesticide residue detection

Fecha de publicación: 18/07/2017
Fuente: Wipo tomato
The invention relates to a fresh-keeping box of tomato samples for pesticide residue detection, and belongs to the technical field of matching equipment of pesticide residue detection of vegetables. The fresh-keeping box comprises a box body and a box cover, wherein heat preservation layers are arranged on the inner walls of the box cover and the box body, the box cover is provided with an air adjusting window, the inner cavity of the box body is divided into an adjusting chamber and a storage chamber, a refrigerating system, a temperature sensor, a control system and a power supply system are arranged in the adjusting chamber, a moisturizing device is arranged in the storage chamber, and a moisturizing agent is arranged in the moisturizing device. According to the fresh-keeping box of the tomato samples for the pesticide residue detection, the temperature can be effectively controlled within 10-13 DEG C of the fresh-keeping temperature range of the tomato, the humidity is controlled within 85%-90%, and therefore the biological activity of the tomato samples can be effectively reduced, the fresh-keeping effects of long-distance sampling detection and field sampling of the tomato are improved, the fresh-keeping effect of the tomato samples for the pesticide residue detection in the storage and transportation process is ensured, and the consistency of the samples before sampling and after sampling is guaranteed; and in addition, the structure is simple, the operation is convenient, and the accuracy of the pesticide residue detection of the tomato is guaranteed.