Chemical monitoring of baru (dipteryx alata vog.) pulp fermented beverage

Fuente: Food Science and Technology (Campinas)
Abstract Considering that the consumption of baru is not yet fully diffused among humans, it is possible to perceive the need for its greater use, mainly because it is a natural source of sugars, essential raw material for the production of various products, such as beverages fermented. In view of the above, the objective of this work was to develop fermented alcoholic beverage from the pulp of baru, chemically monitoring the fermentation and aging process. Throughout the processing, the fermented presented behavior as expected, as a decrease of sugars ensuring an effective fermentation without interferents, as high amounts of acetic acid and propagation of deteriorating organisms. With this, it was possible to develop and chemically accompany the alcoholic beverage from pulp of baru, obtaining results that met the brazilian legislation in force for fruit fermented, providing a new source of exploitation of this raw material little explored.