Fecha de publicación: 19/06/2020
Fuente: WIPO Agriculture Portada
In this fast moving world agriculture plays a vital role in the survival of the human mankind. Indian population is increasing at a very fast rate and with increase in population the need for food increases briskly. Due to the migration of the farmer’s heirs to the urban areas the agriculture has been losing its importance in the villages. In our innovation we are building a Computational Intelligence based robot and IOT system which has the capability to carry out a high precision based Urban Farming. The main issues to be addressed in urban agriculture are Limited lateral Space, High land values, contaminated soils, loss and damage of crops from birds and rodents, air quality, lack of experienced skilled labour and management.In our work we are aiming to provide agriculture on the vertical walls of the building as well as the farming carried out in roof using hydroponics system that is growing plants without the aid of soil. The Artificial Intelligence based robot has the capability of moving vertically on the walls as well as the horizontal motion to carry out various operations such as monitoring the growth of plant, identification of weeds, fertilization and harvesting vertically as well horizontally. The robot is provided with the high definition camera to understand its surroundings along with this the robot is connected to the cloud and various sensors which include the concept of Internet of things such as integration of sensors, microprocessor, and other devices to cloud for effective communication between devices in precision based farming. The robot is trained with the machine learning models for the prediction of the crops in accordance with the past and future weather conditions. This is an autonomous robot which can perform various operations of agriculture on its own, this feature eliminates the human interference and user/humans can carry out their day to day activities hassle free.