Monitoring system of internet of things

Fecha de publicación: 06/03/2018
Fuente: WIPO Agriculture Portada
The utility model relates to a monitoring system of internet of things, this system includes: the collection system who connects gradually, control system and agricultural equipment, wherein, collection system includes the multiple sensor that is used for gathering agriculture data, control system is including the the main control unit who is used for handling agriculture data, and be used for controlling the switching value the control unit of agricultural equipment, the main control unit includes the treater, the SDRAM chip, the FLASH chip, USB chip and with the ethernet chip, the treater isused for handling agriculture data, FLASH chip and SDRAM chip are used for saving agriculture data, be used for inserting with ethernet with the ethernet chip. The utility model provides a pair of monitoring system of internet of things sets up an album data acquisition, data transmission, data analysis processing, numerical control agricultural machine novel agriculture NULL system as an organicwhole, has realized agriculture NULL's digitization, networking and intelligent.