Fecha de publicación: 30/10/2020
Fuente: WIPO Agriculture Portada
ABSTRACT India ranks second worldwide in agricultural sector. More than 50? of the Indian work force employed by agriculture and contributed 17–18% to country"s GDP. For 58% Indian population agriculture is the primary source of income. Agricultural labourers who are mostly landless and form a significant section of rural society mainly depend on wage employment in agriculture. Unlike the industrial worker who are well organized agricultural labourers are neither well organized nor well paid. Their income has always been inadequate, resulting in poor living heavy indebtedness. The situation has shown some signs of improvement during the last four decades. Though even now they are the poorest and resource less class in rural areas yet they are no longer a victim of extreme form of oppression. But their economic exploitation cannot be ruled out even today. Even now their level of income is extremely low and not sufficient enough to make both ends meet. On the other side due to the unorganized agricultural labourers it is very difficult for farmer to complete their agriculture work on time which may one of the measure cause of loss of crop and in terms of money also. In last few years many technological advancement has done but Indian farmers are still largely do the agriculture work in traditional way and are dependent on human involvement in a major way. Now it is time to introduce the technology that has been work at ground level to avoid the traditional work culture done by farmer. IoT (Internet of Things) which is basically a network of objects enabled by internet coupled with the web services that helps in interact with these objects. The main aim of the proposed system is to provide the labour services to farmer to avoid the loss of crops and also provide the work to unemployed agricultural labours. Agriculture labour is counted in the category of unorganized sector, so their income is not fixed. Hence they are living an insecure and underprivileged life and earning very less along with full uncertainty