Automation green energy stereoscopic agriculture method

Fecha de publicación: 15/03/2017
Fuente: WIPO Agriculture Portada
The automation green energy stereoscopic agriculture method is an integrated application of agriculture, buildings, machinery engineering, physics, and electrics technics, which mainly solves for the self-sufficient supply of agriculture crop and small scope energy because of soil link cropping obstacles and under the influence of climate conditions. The stereoscopic agriculture method is specifically characterized by accomplishing the monitoring of automation farming, environment control and energy self-sufficient supply through the integrated building construction, the integrated buildings are constituted from the two sections of culture and control, because of the liberation of labor force in manual labor, the method can achieve energy self-sufficient supply to reduce operating cost or economic revenue and achieves the augmentation multiples of cultivate revenue using stereoscopic space in manual labor, the crop growth environment receives the monitoring and is not prone to external influences and has strong adaptability to soil locality, the stereoscopic agriculture method can culture locally demanded crops exempting of climate influences and indirectly cuts down folk living costs, the building construction self can be used multifunctionally and is configured of derivatives, and has strong practicality and continuality, therefore the method provides certain references and prospects for the construction of socialism new rural area.