Agriculture greenhouse monitoring system

Fecha de publicación: 16/11/2016
Fuente: WIPO Agriculture Portada
Provided is an agriculture greenhouse monitoring system, which comprises a monitoring center, a network transmission module and a wireless center node arranged in an agriculture greenhouse. The wireless center node is connected with a controller and a plurality of information acquisition modules in the agriculture greenhouse in a ZigBee wireless communication mode; the controller is electrically connected with a plurality of devices in the agriculture greenhouse; the information acquisition modules send the collected environment parameter values to the wireless center node; the wireless center node receives the environment parameter values and sends the environment parameter values to the monitoring center; the monitoring center receives the environment parameter values and judges whether the environment parameter values meet preset environment parameter conditions; and when some environment parameter value does not meet the preset environment parameter condition, the corresponding device is controlled to operate. The system can know the production environment in each agriculture greenhouse in real time, controls operation of the devices in the greenhouse intelligently and provides precise agriculture production and visualized management.