Agriculture drought monitoring method based on soil moisture deficit

Fecha de publicación: 09/04/2019
Fuente: WIPO Agriculture Portada
The invention discloses an agriculture drought monitoring method based on soil moisture deficit, and provides an improved soil moisture deficit agriculture draught monitoring index (mSWDI), the indexgives consideration to the soil water consumption coefficient and soil shrinkage character, and mainly aims at remotely sensing the soil moisture product. The method comprises the following steps: computing a remote-sensed soil water content mean in one time period; estimating the soil content at 33kpa and 1500kpa; considering the coil shrinkage character and the soil water consumption coefficient, and computing the soil available water content; computing mSWDI by combining the soil moisture mean, the field moisture capacity and the available water content; and judging the agriculture draughtdegree according to the mSWDI score. The change of the soil available water content caused by dynamic potential evapotranspiration and different crop types and the coil available water content over estimation caused by the soil shrinkage character of the high clay content are taken into consideration, and the space and time scale of the agriculture draught monitoring are more comparable.