Different anticipated criteria to achieve novel and efficient photocatalysis via green ZnO: scope and challenges

Fecha de publicación: 01/09/2022
Fuente: Broccoli Byproducts Extraction
In the era of technological advancement, the biggest challenge before us is to achieve and maintain the sustainable growth of the environment from pollution of freshwater. In this context, efficient and sustainable photocatalysis approach can play very imperative role. In the current review, we have focused our study on green ZnO for dye degradation from water via photocatalysis. From the quality literature of green ZnO photocatalysis, in addition to efficient organic dyes removal from polluted water, major gaps have been observed w.r.t. mineralization of organic dyes, generation of green energies and lack of coordination between corporate and social sectors. The expansion of the current photocatalysis approach to industrial scale with the study of live polluted water will make water crisis diluted. Further, it triggers toward the goal of sustainable environment with an effective coordination between government, social & corporate sectors mutually.