eJHS Volume 88/5 (October 2023)

Fecha de publicación: 20/10/2023
Fuente: ISHS (International Society for Horticultural Science)
Post date: Friday 20 October 2023
ISHS Secretariat

Check out the new issue of eJHS online at https://www.pubhort.org/ejhs/ (Volume 88, issue 5, October 2023) including the following articles:

Differences in photosynthetic characteristics of reproductive branches at different leaf positions of Rosa roxburghii on the Yunnan Guizhou Plateau https://doi.org/10.17660/eJHS.2023/028
Onion AcCDF4 ectopia overexpression regulates flowering and abiotic stress response in Arabidopsis https://doi.org/10.17660/eJHS.2023/029
Substrate amended with solid humic substances improved ‘Micro-Tom’ tomato (Solanum lycopersicum L.) growth https://doi.org/10.17660/eJHS.2023/030
Use of high concentrations of ethyl methanesulfonate to induce flower mutation and improve flowering in African violets https://doi.org/10.17660/eJHS.2023/031
Summer pruning and pneumatic preharvest-defoliation affect the light distribution within the canopy and improve the fruit quality of two bicolored apple cultivars https://doi.org/10.17660/eJHS.2023/032
Systemic induction of ß-1,3-glucanase and chitinase activities in black rot resistant mutants of Dendrobium ‘Earsakul’ in response to Phytophthora palmivora infection https://doi.org/10.17660/eJHS.2023/033

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