Nisei Farmers League Responds to Passage of AB 2183

Fecha de publicación: 04/10/2022
Fuente: California Agriculture Today
By Manuel Cunha Jr., Nisei Farmers League
Manuel Cunha, Jr., Nisei Farmers League President said today that he was “very
disappointed that many of his members and their workers have had their right
to a secret ballot taken away by the passage of AB 2183.”
The Governor signed into law a bill that expands union rights for farmworkers.
Is this really in the best interest for the farmworker? The farmworker has had
his/her choice about union representation in the past by secret ballot. However,
this law forces the employer to provide the workers name, address, phone
number and location and job description to the ALRB. And in turn, the ALRB will
submit this information directly to the Union organization. The farmworker can
now be called upon by the union, as the union can go to his home and pressure
him/her to join the union. This may result in intimidation, bullying and
In addition, the Governor and the legislature has worked around a recent
U. S. Supreme Court decision that found allowing Union access to grower’s
property a taking. They are more concerned with subverting the U. S. Supreme
Court, than protecting a worker’s right for a free and secret vote.
Farmers must give up their right of free speech and private property rights to
allow the Union to contact their employees who may be in fear of being
contacted and pressured.
How many farmers will throw up their hands with this decision and say enough
is enough! I’m done! Maybe we have one thing left to do, maybe agriculture
should strike.
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