Important Cotton Grower Webinars Scheduled

Fecha de publicación: 09/11/2020
Fuente: California Agriculture Today
U.S. Cotton Trust Protocol Announces NEW DATES for Regional Grower webinars
Growers should join to learn how they can benefit and how collectively this will help increase demand for U.S. cotton globally.  
The U.S. Cotton Trust Protocol, which aims to give brands and retails the critical assurances that they need to source U.S. cotton, has announced a new slate of regional-focused webinars from November 9th through the end of 2020. These additional webinars were added following strong demand during the September and October sessions. Grower enrollment is now open to all U.S. cotton growers.
Starting November 5th, growers who have not yet had the opportunity will get to learn about the benefits of the U.S. Cotton Trust Protocol and ask questions with our team. While the sessions are divided by region, interested growers are free to join any session that fits in their schedule. Participants can enroll at
“There’s more scrutiny on the global cotton supply chain than ever before. At the U.S. Cotton Trust Protocol, we aim to raise demand for U.S. cotton as a sustainably-grown fiber and meet the needs of brands and retailers as they work to lower their impact on the environment,” said Gary Adams, President of the U.S. Cotton Trust Protocol. “Joining the Trust Protocol will also provide producers with data that will help them to improve their growing practices.”
A recent study from the U.S. Cotton Trust Protocol and the Economist Intelligence Unit found that 60% of fashion, apparel, and textile business leaders said implementing sustainability measures was a main strategic objective for their organization. The top sustainability measure businesses are implementing is establishing a sustainability strategy with measurable targets, which 58% of respondents said they were doing. In second, 53% said they were working on collecting data from across the business and in the supply chain to measure performance.
The next slate of webinar sessions will begin on November 9th – growers can access the full schedule of webinars here.
For those interested in enrolling, please visit:
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