California Fairs May Get Help Due to COVID Losses

Fecha de publicación: 18/09/2020
Fuente: California Agriculture Today
Harder’s Bill to Support State and County Fairs Gains Momentum
Senator Doug Jones Introduces Senate Companion
Today, Senator Doug Jones (D-AL) introduced the Senate companion to Representative Josh Harder’s (CA-10) Protecting Fairs During Coronavirus Act. The bill would establish a $5 billion federal grant program to offset fair revenue losses during the Coronavirus Pandemic.
“I want to thank Senator Jones for joining me in the fight to protect our county and state fairs,” said Rep. Harder. “Working together, we will continue pushing to get our fairs the relief they need to weather this storm – we don’t want to lose a single acre of fairgrounds or see any fairs close permanently because of the pandemic.”
“State and county fairs are not just an important part of our social fabric, they’re also a key part of the agriculture business. The COVID-19 pandemic has caused many of these fairs to be cancelled, leaving farmers without an important market and the fairs at risk of permanent closure,” said Senator Jones. “That’s why I’m introducing the Protecting Fairs During Coronavirus Act in the U.S. Senate to support fairs with emergency funding that will allow them to continue to serve our communities for years to come. I am proud to partner with Congressman Harder on this important legislation and appreciate his leadership in this space.”
The Protecting Fairs During Coronavirus Act’s grant program would be available for both 2020 as well as 2021. States could apply for aid from the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) and then distribute the funds to fairs in their state. Rep. Harder originally introduced the bill in July.
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