Shell separation mechanism for olive oil squeezing

Fecha de publicación: 10/11/2020
Fuente: Wipo "olive oil"
The utility model provides a shell separation mechanism for squeezing olive oil, which relates to the technical field of olive oil processing and comprises a support rod, a squeezing cylinder and a discharge pipe, and the squeezing cylinder is fixedly mounted at the top end of the support rod. According to the utility model, the stirring blades and the separation plate are installed, the first motor controls the rotating column to rotate, the rotating column controls the extrusion roller to rotate to extrude the olea europaea fruits, so that nuts and shells of the olea europaea fruits are split and then guided into the separation plate, the second motor controls the stirring roller to rotate, and the stirring blades rotate when the stirring roller rotates to stir the olea europaea fruits.According to the olea europaea fruit shell and kernel separation device, kernels and shells of olea europaea fruits are stirred and separated, during stirring, one side of the stirring blade is arranged to be 45 degrees, one side of the stirring blade is in contact with the olea europaea fruits, the olea europaea fruits are in contact with the separation plate, and the separation plate is arc-shaped, so that the kernels and shells which are not completely separated are further extruded and separated.