Raw material crushing device for edible olive oil production

Fecha de publicación: 02/04/2021
Fuente: Wipo "olive oil"
The utility model provides a raw material crushing device for edible olive oil manufacturing, which comprises a crushing assembly and a main body assembly, and the crushing assembly comprises a firstshell, a first motor, a feeding pipe, a stirring shaft, stirring blades, a filter plate, a first discharging pipe and a first supporting leg; wherein the main body assembly comprises a bottom plate, afirst pulley, a second pulley, a fixing block, a first pipe body, a second pipe body, a liquid collecting box, a switch group, a second supporting leg, a foundation, a conveying assembly and a rolling assembly, the stirring shaft drives stirring blades to crush raw materials, and the crushed raw materials fall into a first discharging pipe from a filter plate; a first discharging pipe dischargesraw materials to a conveying belt, a second rotating roller drives the conveying belt to convey the raw materials to a second shell, an air cylinder is connected with an external air source and pushesa sixth plate body, the sixth plate body is pressed and ground again, the raw material smashing effect is better, oil pressing is easier, the oil yield of the raw materials is higher, raw material generation is reduced, and economic benefits are improved.