Preparation method of special-effect high-moisture emulsion

Fecha de publicación: 29/12/2020
Fuente: Wipo "olive oil"
The present invention discloses a preparation method of special-effect high-moisture emulsion. The preparation method comprises the following steps: adding hexadecanol, olive oil, a sealing agent, C10triglyceride, methyl glucoside polypropylene glycol 20 ether distearate, wheat germ oil and octyldodecanol into a container A to obtain a mixed solution A; adding vitamins, hyaluronic acid, a naturalhumectant, allantoin, a self-made humectant and deionized water into a container B, heating to 85-95 DEG C, stirring at 100-200 r/min for 20-40 min, and cooling to 75-85 DEG C to obtain a mixed solution B; slowly adding the mixed solution A into the mixed solution B which is stirred at a speed of 50-100 r/min, controlling the temperature to be 70-80 DEG C, and cooling to 35-45 DEG C to obtain a pre-emulsified solution; adding a preservative and an essence into the pre-emulsified liquid, and stirring for 30-60 minutes at a speed of 50-100 r/min and a temperature of 35-45 DEG C to obtain an emulsified liquid.