Plant essential oil formula for HPV recovery

Fecha de publicación: 19/01/2021
Fuente: Wipo "olive oil"
The invention discloses a plant essential oil formula for HPV recovery. The plant essential oil formula comprises the following raw materials in parts by weight of 40-60 parts of eucalyptus oil, 15-20parts of tea tree oil, 15-20 parts of seaweed mud, 12-16 parts of chitosan gel, 6-10 parts of olive oil, 3-5 parts of peppermint oil, 6-10 parts of sophocarpidine extracting solution, 6-10 parts of dandelion extracting solution, 5-7 parts of mesona chinensis extracting solution, 5-7 parts of fimbristylis dichotoma extracting solution, 3-5 parts of selenium element, 0.5-0.9 part of manganese element and 0.5-0.9 part of zinc element. The plant essential oil provided by the invention is convenient to use and non-invasive, avoids adverse effects and pollution to blood, stomach and intestines caused by injection or oral administration and the like, only needs to be externally applied, and is matched with temperature for nursing, so that HPV can be removed, internal and external balance is achieved, and the health of a user can be guaranteed.