Olive oil separating device

Fecha de publicación: 16/03/2021
Fuente: Wipo "olive oil"
The utility model discloses an olive oil separating device which comprises a separating box, a first-stage separating mechanism and a second-stage extruding mechanism, the first-stage separating mechanism comprises a separating cylinder and a separating driving device, the separating cylinder and the separating box are coaxially arranged, the separating cylinder is detachably connected with a mainshaft, and the main shaft is in transmission connection with the separating driving device. A confluence plate is arranged below the separation barrel and obliquely fixed to the separation box, an oil discharge port is formed in the position, at the lower end of the confluence plate, of the separation box, a slag discharge port is formed in the bottom of the separation barrel, a sealing plug is arranged in the slag discharge port, and the secondary extrusion mechanism is located below the confluence plate and fixed to the separation box; and the separation cylinder is communicated with the secondary extrusion mechanism through the slag discharge port. According to the utility model, the separated residues are released into the secondary extrusion mechanism, and secondary extrusion and treatment are carried out on a squeezed mixture, so that a pouring process can be omitted, the processing efficiency can be improved, the residues can be subjected to secondary extrusion to separate outolive oil, and the oil yield can be improved.