Olive oil quality detection system and method

Fecha de publicación: 12/02/2021
Fuente: Wipo "olive oil"
The invention relates to an olive oil detection system and method. An ultrasonic detection device transmits ultrasonic waves to an olive oil sample and receives reflected ultrasonic echo signals, an image acquisition module shoots an image of the olive oil sample, a PC terminal acquires the sound velocity and the sound attenuation coefficient of the ultrasonic waves and the adiabatic compression coefficient of the olive oil sample according to the ultrasonic echo signals, extracts HSV, RGB and Lab color space information of the image, and determines the quality parameters of the olive oil sample according to the sound velocity, the sound attenuation coefficient, the adiabatic compression coefficient, the HSV color space information, the RGB color space information and the Lab color space information. Through combination of an ultrasonic technology and a machine vision technology, olive oil quality detection is realized, the defects of large size and high price of existing detection equipment are overcome, and the size of the detection equipment is reduced. In addition, the ultrasonic detection device, the image acquisition module and the PC terminal have real-time performance, so that the detection efficiency is obviously improved.