Olive oil filtering device

Fecha de publicación: 16/03/2021
Fuente: Wipo "olive oil"
The olive oil filtering device comprises a box body, the box body comprises a squeezing box, a filtering box and a stirring box which are sequentially connected from top to bottom, a first hydraulic cylinder is arranged at the top of the squeezing box, a first piston rod of the first hydraulic cylinder penetrates through the squeezing box, and the lower end of the first piston rod is fixedly connected with a pressing disc; an extrusion screen plate is arranged below the pressing disc, the filter box comprises a hopper and a first filter screen, the hopper is detachably connected to the lower portion of the extrusion screen plate and provided with a plurality of through holes, the hopper is used for containing filter residues, the first filter screen is arranged below the hopper, a stirringstructure is arranged in the stirring box, and an oil outlet is formed in the side wall of the stirring box. And a second filter screen is arranged between the oil outlet and the stirring box. The olive oil filtering device is simple in structure and convenient to operate, the olive oil is filtered for multiple times, it is guaranteed that the filtered olive oil meets the eating requirement, mostfilter residues are left in the detachable hopper, the filter residues are convenient to clean, and practicability is high.