Olive oil deep processing equipment

Fecha de publicación: 02/03/2021
Fuente: Wipo "olive oil"
The olive oil deep processing equipment comprises a suction filtration bottle and a Buchner funnel, the suction filtration bottle is externally connected with a suction pump through a suction pipe, around barrel with an opening in the top is installed in the suction filtration bottle, a condensation box is connected to the lower portion of the suction filtration bottle, and the bottom of the round barrel downwards enters the condensation box. A spiral condensation pipe surrounds the outer wall of the barrel located in the condensation box, the water inlet end of the spiral condensation pipe communicates with a water inlet pipe, the water outlet end of the spiral condensation pipe communicates with a water outlet pipe, the outer wall of the barrel is connected with the bottom of the suction filtration bottle in a sealed mode, and the bottom of the barrel penetrates through the condensation box downwards and is located below the condensation box. The lower end of the round barrel located below the condensation box is sealed through a cover plate which is detachably connected, a liquid distribution pipe communicated with the round barrel is installed on the cover plate, and a valve is arranged on the liquid distribution pipe. The olive oil cold pressing device solves the problem that olive oil subjected to cold pressing contains dregs and is not easy to be deeply processed into other products.