Moisturizing lipstick formula

Fecha de publicación: 09/03/2021
Fuente: Wipo "olive oil"
The invention discloses a moisturizing lipstick formula. The moisturizing lipstick formula is prepared from the raw materials, by weight, 0.1-0.3 part of shea butter, 0.5-0.7 part of hyaluronic acid,0.5-0.7 part of a toner, 0.5-0.6 part of rose flower powder, 0.2-0.3 part of olive oil, 0.5-0.6 part of microcrystalline wax, 0.3-0.4 part of glycerol, 0.2-0.5 part of beewax, 0.1-0.3 part of naturalvitamin E, 0.3-0.6 part of lecithin, 0.2-0.4 part of octyldodecanol, and 0.5-0.7 parts of cetyl ethyl hexanoate. A method comprises the following steps of S1, preparing, selecting an electronic scale,a beaker, a grinding rod, a reaction container and a lipstick mold for later use, disinfecting the beaker and the lipstick mold with alcohol, drying the beaker and the lipstick mold with a dryer after disinfection, or naturally airing the beaker and the lipstick mold, and performing subsequent preparation operation after the beaker and the lipstick mold are completely dried. The lipstick can soften lips, has an isolation effect, is bright in color and luster and good in attractiveness, does not contain substances harmful to the skin, is effectively improved in safety, and becomes more convenient to make due to the concise making process.