Method for quantifying mass of olive oil adsorbed by PMMA tableware

Fecha de publicación: 26/02/2021
Fuente: Wipo "olive oil"
The invention relates to a method for quantifying the mass of olive oil adsorbed by PMMA tableware. The method comprises the following steps: S1, preparing a standard solution: S1.1, preparing an internal standard solution; and S1.2, preparing an olive oil standard stock solution; S2, carrying out a migration test; and S3, determining olive oil absorbed by the sample: S3.1, performing dissolution/precipitation method extraction: adding the internal standard solution and a PMMA tableware sample after the migration test into a flask, adding tetrahydrofuran, connecting with a condenser, boiling and refluxing for 30 minutes, adding n-hexane through the condenser, and refluxing for 5 minutes; and cooling to room temperature, transferring into a centrifuge tube, washing the flask with n-hexane,merging the washing liquid into the centrifuge tube, centrifuging, taking the supernatant, and carrying out rotary evaporation to dryness; S3.2, carrying out methyl esterification on the olive oil; and S3.3, carrying out gas chromatography determination. The extraction time is shortened to 1 hour from the original 2 days, and the detection efficiency is remarkably improved; and the investment of test equipment is reduced, and the detection cost is remarkably reduced.