Fecha de publicación: 28/12/2020
Fuente: Wipo "olive oil"
FIELD: food industry.
SUBSTANCE: invention relates to the food industry. Method for production of dough products with fruit or berry or fruit-and-berry filling involves kneading dough of flour, a fat component in warm water, in which sugar, salt, yeast are dissolved, preparation of filling. In the yeast-dough preparation maize flour is added in amount of 10% of the dough mass. Fat component is represented by vegetable oil or olive oil in amount of 0.2 kg per 10 kg of dough. Dough is additionally added with a disintegrating agent in amount of 0.018-0.020 kg per 10 kg of dough. Filling is prepared of fresh fruits or berries or one prepares a fruit-and-berry filling of fresh fruits and berries with introduction of a thickener, followed by addition of lemon juice in amount of 2% to the filling weight and brewing till temperature of 70-80°C. Finished products in round or elongated form with mass of 30-40 grams are formed. Finished products are fried at temperature of 160-180°C.
EFFECT: invention allows enhancing the ready products quality, increasing biological value of the ready products due to use of the filling of fresh fruits and / or berries, obtaining products with a low content of absorbed fat, reduced material and power consumption for production of finished products and reduced duration of technological process.
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