Levoornidazole/ornidazole oil-in-water emulsion temperature-sensitive gel suppository and preparation method thereof

Fecha de publicación: 18/12/2020
Fuente: Wipo "olive oil"
The invention discloses a preparation method of a levoornidazole/ornidazole oil-in-water emulsion temperature-sensitive gel suppository. The preparation method of the suppository comprises the steps of: 1, dissolving levoornidazole or ornidazole, tetrahydrogeraniol, methylparaben and ethylparaben into soybean oil or olive oil to obtain oil phase solution; 2, after dispersing lecithin or soyabean lecithin into purified water, adding potassium cinnamate and carbomer to form aqueous phase solution; 3, adding poloxamer into the aqueous phase solution to obtain aqueous phase poloxamer solution; 4,adding the oil phase solution into the water phase poloxamer solution, stirring and homogenizing; and 5, filling to obtain the levoornidazole/ornidazole oil-in-water emulsion temperature-sensitive gelsuppository. The suppository disclosed by the invention is prepared by combining an oil-in-water emulsion and an in-situ gel method, the fixation targeting property of the suppository is improved, the targeting lasting permeation release performance is enhanced, the suppository is easy to remove after being used, and moistening performance, comfort and convenience in the medicine using process are improved, thereby more effectively taking the drug effects and improving the treatment index.