Grain and oil squeezing device

Fecha de publicación: 02/03/2021
Fuente: Wipo "olive oil"
The utility model discloses a grain and oil squeezing device which comprises a base, a rectangular column is installed at the top of the base, a rectangular connecting block is rotatably connected tothe upper portion of the rectangular column, a through groove is formed in the bottom of the connecting block, any pair of opposite side faces of the through groove are communicated with each other, and groove walls are arranged on the other pair of side faces of the through groove. A first through hole is formed in the top of the rectangular column, second through holes are formed in the groove walls of the two sides of the through groove, a pin shaft is inserted into the first through hole and the second through hole to achieve rotary connection between the rectangular column and the connecting block, external threads matched with the connecting nut are arranged on the outer wall of the pin shaft located on the outer side of the connecting block, and a cylinder is perpendicularly connected to the top face of the connecting block. The bottom face area of the cylinder is smaller than the top face area of the connecting block, one end of the cylinder is fixed to the top face of the connecting block, the other end of the cylinder is detachably connected with a limiting plate, and the distance between the lower end of the connecting block and the top face of the base is larger than the rotating radius of the connecting block. According to the olive oil filter, the yield of olive oil is improved.