Gleditsia sinensis oligosaccharide facial mask and preparation method thereof

Fecha de publicación: 23/02/2021
Fuente: Wipo "olive oil"
The invention discloses a gleditsia sinensis oligosaccharide facial mask and a preparation method thereof. The facial mask is prepared by compounding gleditsia sinensis oligosaccharide, gleditsia sinensis saponin, hydroxypropyl gleditsia sinensis polysaccharide, olive oil and menthol. The preparation method comprises the following steps: respectively weighing the gleditsia sinensis oligosaccharide, saponin and hydroxypropyl gleditsia sinensis polysaccharide, and performing uniform mixing; slowly adding the mixture into deionized water under a stirring state; performing stirring at 60-80 DEG Cuntil the mixture is completely dissolved; and performing cooling, adding the olive oil and menthol into the mixture, uniformly stirring the mixture again, and performing filling. The product is sourced from all-natural herbs, and meets the requirements of consumers for environmental-friendliness and no toxic or side effect; Due to the fact that functions including the biological activity of the gleditsia sinensis oligosaccharide, the moisture retention of the hydroxypropyl gleditsia sinensis polysaccharide, the anti-inflammatory property of the gleditsia sinensis saponin, the penetration promoting property of the menthol and the like are combined, the functionality of the product is greatly improved, and the skin absorptivity is greatly enhanced. According to the gleditsia sinensis oligosaccharide facial mask, the galacto mannan oligosaccharide serves as a main raw material, the theoretical basis of the traditional herbal polysaccharide facial mask is changed, especially the oligosaccharide formula theory for sleep masks.