Ganoderma lucidum and propolis soft capsule

Fecha de publicación: 15/12/2020
Fuente: Wipo "olive oil"
The invention discloses a ganoderma lucidum and propolis soft capsule. The preparation method comprises the following steps of completely dissolving propolis in heated olive oil, adding soyabean lecithin, uniformly mixing, adding a ganoderma lucidum extract, isomaltooligosacharide and part of maltodextrin powder, performing shearing and stirring, and emulsifying at low temperature to obtain ganoderma lucidum and propolis slurry contents; dissolving glycerin, part of erythritol and the rest maltodextrin powder in heated water, adding gelatin, performing stirring to dissolve completely, degassing in vacuum, adding the rest erythritol, and carrying out shearing and stirring to obtain a capsule shell glue solution; and then feeding the ganoderma lucidum and propolis slurry contents and the capsule shell glue solution into a pill pressing machine for pill pressing, shaping, drying, and performing softening to obtain the ganoderma lucidum and propolis soft capsule. The components of the softcapsule are easily absorbed by a human body, the immunocompetence of the human body is effectively enhanced, and meanwhile, the soft capsule is good in dispersion, fine and smooth in taste for oral administration and chewing, high in storage stability and free of the phenomena of coagulation, hardening, leakage, shrinking and the like.