Filtering mechanism suitable for olive oil squeezing

Fecha de publicación: 08/12/2020
Fuente: Wipo "olive oil"
The utility model provides a filtering mechanism suitable for squeezing olive oil, which relates to the technical field of olive oil equipment and comprises a device main body, a first filtering plateand a second filtering plate, a vibration motor is embedded in the middle of the left side surface of the device main body, and a material guide pipe is embedded above the left side surface of the device main body. According to the olive oil squeezing device, the filtering barrel is installed, when olive oil is squeezed into powder in the squeezing process, many impurities are easily generated, when the squeezed olive oil flows into the filtering barrel through the flow guide plate, due to the fact that the viscosity of oil is high, the filtering efficiency is low, and the first motor is started to rotate to drive the stirring blades, so that the olive oil is squeezed out of the filtering barrel; olive oil in the filtering barrel is accelerated to be filtered through the filtering holes formed in the outer surface of the filtering barrel through centrifugal force, meanwhile, when the stirring blades rotate, the brush can scrape the inner wall of the filtering barrel, impurities are prevented from being blocked by the filtering holes in the inner wall of the filtering barrel, and the filtering performance of the olive oil is greatly improved.