Face cream and preparation method thereof

Fecha de publicación: 12/02/2021
Fuente: Wipo "olive oil"
The invention discloses a face cream. The face cream comprises the following components in parts by weight, a phase A, 0.2-0.3 part of a decadiene cross-linked polymer; 18-22 parts of water; a phase B, 0.4-0.8 part of black algae glue; 0.05-0.08 part of fermented olive oil; a phase O, 0.5-0.8 part of hydrogenated polydecene; 0.5-0.8 part of squalane; 0.5-0.8 part of macadimia nut oil; 1-1.5 partsof beef tallow resin; 0.2-0.5 part of mixed alcohol; 0.15-0.5 part of cyclopentasiloxane and/or cyclohexylsiloxane; 0.2-0.4 part of dimethyl silicone oil; 0.1-0.3 part of cetostearyl alcohol; 0.1-0.3part of hydrogenated lecithin; 1-1.5 parts of glyceryl stearate; a phase W, 0.004-0.008 part of hyaluronic acid; 1-1.5 parts of propylene glycol; 1-1.5 parts of butanediol; 0.1-0.5 part of dextran; anH phase, 0.2-0.4 part of a hypsizygus marmoreus extract; 0.1-0.2 part of palmitoyl tripeptide and/or palmitoyl tetrapeptide and/or palmitoyl pentapeptide; 0.01-0.03 part of essence; 0.01-0.02 part ofpotassium hydroxide; and 1-1.5 parts of polycarbonate; The face cream has advantages of being capable of resisting aging and fading skin color spots, mellow in texture, not greasy and uniform, cleanand clear.