Canned oil-immersed tuna with fresh and tender meat and processing method thereof

Fecha de publicación: 29/01/2021
Fuente: Wipo "olive oil"
The invention discloses canned oil-immersed tuna with fresh and tender meat and a processing method. The canned oil-immersed tuna comprises olive oil, tuna, cooking wine, eggs, refined salt, bay leaves, grape wine, pepper and minced garlic. The product is prepared from the following components in parts by mass: 15-25 parts of olive oil, 60-80 parts of tuna, 15-25 parts of cooking wine, 10-20 partsof eggs, 5-10 parts of refined salt, 10-20 parts of myrcia, 1-3 parts of grape wine, 2-4 parts of pepper and 1-2 parts of minced garlic. The method is safe and reliable, tuna is adopted as a raw material, pickling, cooking and oil immersion canning are conducted in sequence, operation is convenient, it is guaranteed that the tuna is fresh and tender in meat quality, flavor improvement of the tunais better facilitated, the taste of the canned tuna is improved, digestion and absorption are easy, meanwhile, vacuum sealing machine oil immersion is adopted for sealed storage, the storage time isprolonged, and eating by a user is facilitated. The preparation method is simple and rigorous in process, cheap in raw materials, low in cost and convenient to process, greatly saves the production cost and is beneficial to processing and production.