Cannabidiol-astaxanthin soft capsules and preparation method therefor

Fecha de publicación: 05/01/2021
Fuente: Wipo "olive oil"
The invention discloses cannabidiol-astaxanthin soft capsules and a preparation method therefor and relates to the technical field of healthcare products. The cannabidiol-astaxanthin soft capsules areused for solving the problem that the packaging cost is increased. The cannabidiol-astaxanthin soft capsules comprise the following ingredients in parts by weight: 125 parts of cannabidiol oil, 15 parts of astaxanthin oil, 150 parts of safflower seed oil, 160 parts of olive oil and the balance of water. The soft capsules comprise raw material ingredients, i.e., gelatin, glycerin and purified water which are in a mass ratio of 1: 0.3: 1. The preparation method for the cannabidiol-astaxanthin soft capsules comprises the following steps: weighing all ingredient raw materials by weight, and carrying out uniform stirring and mixing, so as to obtain a mixed solution for later use; and adding the purified water into a gelatin dissolving pot, and heating the temperature of the gelatin dissolvingpot to 60 DEG C. According to the cannabidiol-astaxanthin soft capsules and the preparation method therefor, the finished product is made into the soft capsules, so that the problem that deteriorationis easy due to long-term exposure to air is effectively avoided, and the shelf life of the medicine is prolonged; and meanwhile, through oral administration of the soft capsules, effective absorptionof pharmaceutical ingredients can be promoted, the bioavailability can be improved, and the carry-over is convenient.