Anti-inflammatory itching-relieving Chinese herbal medicine ointment and preparation method thereof

Fecha de publicación: 12/02/2021
Fuente: Wipo "olive oil"
The invention belongs to the technical field of Chinese herbal medicine compositions, and provides an anti-inflammatory itching-relieving Chinese herbal medicine ointment which comprises the followingraw material components in parts by weight: 18-30 parts of mint, 20-30 parts of liquorice, 15-20 parts of dandelion, 15-20 parts of gallnut, 25-30 parts of lithospermum, 10-15 parts of radix sophoraeflavescentis, 20-30 parts of fructus kochiae, 20-30 parts of honeysuckle, the ointment disclosed by the invention is obtained by mixing an extracting solution of the raw material components with olive oil and beewax. Based on the principle of diminishing inflammation and relieving itching of skin after mosquito bites, the traditional Chinese medicine is prepared from pure traditional Chinese medicines, and is prepared by referring to modern pharmacological research achievements and according to the formula principle of clearing away heat and toxic materials, killing insects and relieving itching, cooling and relieving itching and diminishing inflammation and relieving pain.