Fecha de publicación: 23/06/2021
Fuente: Wipo "olive oil"
The present invention relates to a process for the treatment of wastewater from the production of olive oil, namely the olive mill wastewater (OMWW), specifically the wastewater from olive oil extraction, also referred to as black water from olive oil extraction. The process comprises the following steps:i) Evaporating the wastewater in an evaporator with mechanical vapour recompression (MVR evaporator) to obtain a bottom fraction and an acidic aqueous distillate;ii) Subjecting the aqueous distillate to the following measures in any order, provided that step b is carried out prior to stab ii.b):ii.a) neutralization of the acidic distillate;ii.b) reverse osmosis or electrodialysis, whereby a permeate/diluate and a reject/concentrate containing one or more salts of organic carboxylic acids are obtained;ii.c) treatment with active carbon.A further aspect of the present invention relates to the use of the salts, in particular the calcium salts, of the carboxylic acids contained in the reject as a supplement for food and feed.Yet another aspect of the present invention relates to the use of the mixture of the pomace and the concentrated residue obtained by the process as described herein as solid organic fuel.Another aspect of this invention relates to an apparatus for the treatment of OMWW which comprises an evaporator with mechanical vapour recompression, a treatment unit containing active carbon, a neutralization unit and either a reverse-osmosis unit or an electrodialysis unit.