OLIVE OIL SPECIALIST (Advanced course) April, 25-29, 2022

Fecha de publicación: 15/10/2021
Fuente: IRVEA (Istituto per la Ricerca e la Valorizzazione delle Eccellenze Agro-Alimentari)
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Advanced course for Olive Oil Professionals
25th – 29th April 2022 – Pienza- Italy
An advanced multidisciplinary course for the professional improvement and updating of the skills of operators in the various olive oil fields, with in-depth studies and specific skills in the field of:

Sensory memorization techniques and sensitivity tests
Identity, diversification and blending of olive oil
Construction of the main defects of olive oil
Procedures for modulating the intensity
Techniques for the training of olive oil tasters and evaluation panels
Selective tests for the training and management of tasting groups
Marketing of EVOO in diverse markets

and much more…


IRVEA and Olive Oil Academy since 2004 have been organizing professional courses in the various fields of olive oil, only in presence.
To respond to the numerous requests received for the updating of skills in the field of olive oil enhancement.
Considering the absolute uselessness and inefficiency of sensory evaluation and online tasting of olive oil or other foods, IRVEA and Olive Oil Academy have established the course for Olive Oil Specialist:
A highly professional course in English with insights into sensory analysis, construction, modulation and dilution of the main defects, product evaluation and Customer Satisfaction for commercial improvement and the training of groups of amateur and professional tasters and for the management of competitions.


The course is aimed at experts, professionals and enthusiasts who have already participated in training courses for

Olive Oil Sommelier,
Olive Oil taster,
Panel Leaders,
Masters of Oil Mill,
Professionals and Operators

who have already acquired professional experience at various levels also in other italian or foreign organizations.
For more information and detailed program
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