Fruits Volume 76/2 (March-April 2021)

Fecha de publicación: 29/03/2021
Fuente: ISHS (International Society for Horticultural Science)
Post date: Monday 29 March 2021
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Check out the new issue of Fruits - The International Journal of Tropical and Subtropical Horticulture online at (Volume 76, issue 2, March-April 2021).
Effect of cellulase and tannase on yield, ascorbic acid and other physicochemical properties of cashew apple juice
Basin enrichment of bael plants (Aegle marmelos Correa) through alley cropping of biomass producing plants: Effects on plant growth and soil properties
Electrostatic atomized water particles delay postharvest senescence of 'Namwa' banana (Musa × paradisiaca)
Performance of graft combinations of Passiflora spp. under tropical semi-arid conditions in Brazil
Characterization of traditional extraction processes of Carapa procera seed oil in Burkina Faso
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