Fecha de publicación: 22/06/2021
Fuente: WIPO Meat
The present invention discloses a processing and preparing method for Veneridae sauce,including the steps of: (1) fishing up a Veneridae from a sea and putting the Veneridae in cleanseawater to condition for 48-36 hours; (2) opening shells of the Veneridae after conditioning andputting Veneridae meat after opening the shells of the Veneridae in a basin, and collecting mucusgenerated in the Veneridae opening process together in the base and mixing the mucus with theVeneridae meat together; and (3) then putting the Veneridae meat and the mucus in boiled waterto be boiled for 2-4 min, wherein in an initial boiling process, it is needed to stir a mixture of theVeneridae meat and the mucus by a shovel to prevent the mixture of the Veneridae meat andthe mucus from being adhered to the bottom of a pot to be scorched, and to promote that colloidsin the Veneridae meat are dissolved out. The preparing mode of the present invention is stableand reliable. The processed Veneridae sauce is deep red brown in colour, and bright and smooth.Unique delicious flavour of Veneridae is full and prominent and fishy smell is inconspicuous. TheVeneridae sauce is delicious in taste, rich in sauce flavour and coordinated in saline taste andsweet taste.