Fecha de publicación: 08/07/2021
Fuente: WIPO Meat
Packaging for food products, preferably fresh meat products, comprising: a transparent and impermeable bag (1) made of a plastic material, which is hermetically sealed and contains the food product which is preferably vacuum packed; a lightweight cardboard support (2) comprising a base (21) and side walls (22) that delimit a container area of the bag (1), receiving the food product, and provided with an open upper mouth (25), without a lid, for viewing the food product contained in the bag (1); as well as an adhesive label (3) which is narrower than the upper mouth (25) of the cardboard support and which wraps around the bag (1) and the cardboard support (2), such that at least part of the upper mouth (25) is open and uncovered, and provides at least one window (25a, 25b) for viewing the product contained in the bag (1).