Inline Cutting System for an Extruded String of Meat Analogue Product, Method for Inline Cutting an Extruded String of Meat Analogue Product and Use of Such Inline Cutting System

Fecha de publicación: 16/09/2021
Fuente: WIPO Meat
There is described an inline cutting system comprising an extruder having an outlet, an outlet line connected with the extruder outlet. The outlet line comprises a side wall surrounding an internal passage. Cutting means is arranged in connection with the out-let line. The extruder is arranged for continuously producing a meat analogue product and the extruded string of meat analogue product is cut into meat pieces by the cutting means. The cutting means is extending through the side wall of the outlet line and extends in-side said internal passage. The cutting means comprises at least one cutting edge which is pointed in a substantial axial direction of the outlet line in order to establish a cutting in the longitudinal direction of the string of meat analogue product. The ex-truder and the outlet line forms a closed enclosure upstream of the cutting means.