Dynamic loading device

Fecha de publicación: 27/07/2021
Fuente: WIPO Meat
This invention relates to a dynamic loading device for horizontal form, fill and seal machine (“HFFS”) and in particular the loading of fresh hamburger patties into a package in an HFFS machine and sealing of said package. This invention involves a dynamic loading device in a form, fill and seal machine for packaging and stacking fresh meat patties. The HFFS machine involves opposing rolls of film wherein the bottom film is drawn to form a package or pocket for food product. The product is dropped into the pocket by a shuttle conveyor while a cylinder raises the base of the pocket to minimize the product drop into the precisely dimensioned pocket. After the product is placed in the package, an upper film is introduced for covering. Before the cover is sealed, the package is generally evacuated of atmosphere. The package is then sealed by the opposing rolls of film.